Tizona aqua electric grinding beveling and polishing machine

Tizona aqua electric grinding, beveling and polishing machine is our newest product. This machine allows processing of all natural and engineered stone. It has variable speeds that allow placement of different instruments and performance of a wide range of operations - grinding, beveling, polishing.

The machine works with all brands of instruments.

In the machine is built Makita GA7030RF01, the result is a quality, robust and reliable product.

Our goal is to provide our customers with minimal investment opportunity to perform all necessary operations in the processing of stone and achieve maximum quality result.

This machine is an ideal addition to our range Zora electric stone processing routers – Zora single speed aquaplaning router, Zora single speed rollers router and Zora scratch protection single speed aquaplaning router. Work together on this machine with each machine of our range Zora electric stone processing routers allows you the three key steps in countertop fabrication: stock removal, shaping and polishing.

Therefore we provide our customers a special price when buying two machines set to be at least 10% lower than the sum of the prices of individual machines - please fill out the contact form to get an individual offer.


Power supply: 230V 50 / 60Hz;

Motor power: 2.4kW (3.2HP);

Spindle speed: >> 8500min-1;

Power cord: 20 feet 12 AWF w/ground.